Have Your Floors Lost Their Luster?

We offer hardwood floor refinishing in Arvada, Westminster, Broomfield, Boulder, and all the surrounding areas in Colorado

Your hardwood floors are one of the most valuable assets and equity building aspects of your home. Because of that, it is important to keep them protected from damage causing moisture. If a drop of water soaks into your floor immediately, that is the sign that your floor is no longer adequately protected, and it is time to get them refinished.

Refinishing could mean just that, to buff and apply more finish to the floor. Or, most often people want their floor to also look ‘new again’.   For that brand new, and perhaps, drastically different look, we need to completely sand the floor down to its natural state, fill any cracks with wood filler as needed, buff, and then apply a stain to transform, or a sealer in order to capture the natural colors and wood grain, before applying heavy duty water based finish or oil based finish. 

You’ve got floor refinishing options

  • Heavy Duty Water-Based Finish: This clear quality finish is eco friendly. Within four hours of drying, your kids and pets can walk all over it. We put 3 coats of this over the stain/sealer to ensure that your floor is well protected.
  • Polyurethane Oil Finish: This finish tends to be glosser and thicker, and darkens the natural or stained color of the wood by several shades. It takes a while to dry and does emit strong fumes but it is a very strong finish.

Floor refinishing is a complex process and requires a special technique. Our Arvada, CO floor installation pros will use a halogen light to detect and fix flaws. Call 303-668-4989 to schedule your on-site estimate.