Are Water-Damaged Floors Putting a Damper on Your Day?

Hire us for hardwood floor repair in Arvada, CO and beyond

Perhaps your pup took a while to housetrain. Or maybe an unexpected plumbing leak flooded your kitchen. Don’t worry. Hardwood Floor Solutions, Inc. specializes in hardwood floor repair and refinishing. We serve Arvada, Colorado and the surrounding areas. Let us visit your residential property and assess the damage.

Moisture of any kind can cause a hardwood floor to “cup” or “buckle.” As the floorboards shrink or crack, you’re left with an unsightly surface. Extreme moisture will blacken floorboards. Fortunately, Hardwood Floor Solutions can swiftly replace deteriorating wood. Call 303-668-4989 to request a repair estimate.

We’re in the business of providing seamless transitions

Arvada, Colorado’s hardwood floor repair experts will:

  • Take out any board exposed to moisture
  • Repair floorboards with minor damage
  • Lace back in brand new and/or repaired boards
  • Follow the industry-approved flooring pattern

Once we’re through, your floor will look wonderful. You’ll love the effect of a seamless installation.

<center>Before of Lace In Project

Before of Lace In Project

<center>After of Lace In Project

After of Lace In Project